Business Focus

Primary school student using a computer

Digital Networks Ltd is a Public Sector Procurement and Contract Management consultancy. We specialise in ensuring processes meet commercial best practice while also incorporating public sector service regulations, commissioning guidance and EU based legislation.

So how did a specialist public sector consultancy get to be called Digital Networks Ltd and class its activities as Computer Consultancy?

When the company was set up a prime aim was to use information systems as a means of expanding the reach of specialist consultancy and interim management services by distributing (networking) information in a digital form.

In 1996 we published detailed PFI information in conjunction with The Treasury on CD-Rom. It was advertised online but to large for download. Today it would be placed directly on the appropriate agency’s web-site. The internet has become the network. Detailed information on the public sector market is freely available on-line yet it is surprising how few organizations utilize this.

In 1996 we were posting, by 1998 we were emailing, disc based training updates to saleforces selling to the education sector. E-mail, home working, hot desking, 24/7 digital access have all to some degree effected the efficiency of in-house staff the question of ensuring this gets better results from contract staff and consultants is less often examined.

Now in the 2010’s the company continues to show its customers how good use of digital information and networks complements consultancy and interim services, giving value for money.